Endurance rides in southern Indiana. Spook run, Top of the Rock, spring and fall rides. Henryville, Indiana at Bill Wilson's farm.
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Southern Indiana Photographer
Indy Run at Deam Lake 2020, SaturdayIndy Run at Deam Lake 2020, FridaySpook Run 2019 - SaturdaySpook Run 2019 - FridayTop of the Rock Friday 2019Top of the Rock Saturday 2019Distance Horse National Champtionships 2018/ AHATop of the Rock 2018 SaturdayTop of the Rock 2018 - FridaySpook Run 2017 SaturdaySpook Run 2017 FridayTop of the Rock  2017 SATURDAYTop of the Rock 2017 FRIDAYSpook Run 2016Top of the Rock, Friday, 2016Spook Run 2015Top of the Rock (Friday)Top of the Rock (Saturday) 2015Spook Run 2014Summer BreezeTop of the Rock