I often get asked these questions through message or when needing to address a situation with an image, so I'd thought I'd put them here for easy reference.  I'm all about educating people, rather than assuming people already know, and I ALWAYS am open to questions!  If you don't see it here - please, message me!

Q:  Why can't I screenshot an image from your gallery and use it online?  It's "sharing" so what's the difference?

A:  When a person screenshots an image, there are a few reasons this is not acceptable (from my work, or any other photographer).  One, is that there is no link provided back to where the image originally came from.  If another person is interested in my work, then there's some hunting down that follows, whereas if you SHARE using the Share button on the web page, the potential client has easy access to that image, and others. 

Secondly, just because an image is online, does NOT mean it's "free," to use or share.  This is a very common misconception, and remember, I am all about EDUCATION, so it is a common mistake if you don't know...but now you do know, and can educate others.  There are people who do know, and are repeat offenders, unfortunately.  Photographers, including me, depend on purchases of images in different forms to provide income to support family.  It also supports my small business, expenses, camera gear/upkeep, advertising, gas to drive to and from, website costs, etc.  

Finally, photographers do not consider this "free advertising" for the company or work.  Really, we don't.  Plain and simple, it doesn't work that way.  Word of mouth about great service, great products, timeliness, etc. are great advertisements - and purchases! They are very much appreciated!  And I enjoy this work - I love it!


Q:  I purchased a digital download with a personal use license, why can't I use it for a business?

A:  A personal use license and commercial use license are two different entities, so the image CANNOT automatically be used for both.  I know, I know...educating here, but just think of the wonderful images you can get if you hire a photographer that is familiar with your subject matter and/or you'd like to try professional images...rather than those phone pics with bad lighting :)  Here is a link to a wonderful explanation about both, with lots of details.  


Q:  I want to use the images I purchase from you in a contest - why can't I?  I purchased it.

A:  Remember that license, the personal usage license?  It's for personal use only, not a commercial entity (those "contests" often times run contests to get "free" images to use for advertising...for free) so always check with your photographer, and don't assume.